3-D Dental Imaging

We are proud to offer three dimensional, digital cone beam CT (CB CT) scans for our patients, fellow associates, and physicians via the i-CAT.  i-CAT images provide 3-D data for implant planning, third molar extractions, impactions, TMJ joints, supernumeraries, airway assessments, panoramics, cephalometrics, and numerous other medical and dental surgical procedures.

The i-CAT offers a 3-D Dental Scan that is fast, convenient, and in an open environment.  Simply put, the i-CAT dramatically advances patient care. Virtual surgical treatment planning can be easily performed. This 3-D anatomical imaging allows Dr. Scott to create the most complete treatment plans benefiting you with the most predictable surgical outcomes.


For more information on the i-CAT, visit the website @ www.imagingsciences.com


Alexandria & Kingstowne Dentist, Dr. Annette Scott, providing over 25 years of quality dental care with Sedation.

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